Thursday, May 3, 2012

Part 2 Of Our Move...

As much as I looked forward to going back to NC to see a few friends one more time, meet a fellow triplet mama's first baby to come home & see my bonus sister & niece, things just didn't go as planned.

We left GA friday night to drive back, like we have done the last couple trips, well the boys didn't cooperate so well this time. I don't know if it's the new car seats or riding forward facing or just too much traveling lately? Whatever it was, it wasn't pleasant! So saturday we let the boys rest, by not loading them into the car to go anywhere. Donna & I did however, have a lot of errands that needed to be done, so we took turns running them.

Saturday we had decided it would be easier on the pups if we put them in daycare  during packing & moving day, but since they hadn't been to daycare in W-S, they had to go for an evaluation to determine if they played well with others. So we scheduled that for Sunday afternoon & we also had the boys one year pictures scheduled for Sunday evening.

Garren & Caden both developed fevers on Saturday. They were better by Sunday, but Kellan developed a runny nose by Sunday evening. So I spent Sunday morning gathering holistic teething & cold remedies in hopes that it was just their teeth but covering both bases just in case they were catching colds.

Photos went ok considering the boys moods. I'm hoping they turn out well!

Monday the movers arrived, they packed while I ran the boys around all day {see "1 year check up" post} & Tuesday the movers spent way more time than was necessary loading our belongings on the truck.

Wednesday, we loaded up a few last personal things & headed back to my parents in GA.

We ended up not seeing anyone while we were in NC, which was probably best since the boys & I all have nasty colds now. I would have hated to pass our germs on to any other little ones, especially little 5lb Silas.

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