Monday, May 28, 2012

13 Months Old

I had this delusion that once we hit the big 1 year milestone that time would slow down... It was a delusion!!!

Of course time has not slowed down, not one bit!!!

So here we are at 13 months old & what a month it has been...




Apparently when babies turn 1 they instantly develop opinions, about EVERYTHING!!!

Eating has become quite challenging for the 3 of them. They each want to feed themselves which is great, except for they chew veggies very well & therefor don't digest them well. So I've been experimenting with different foods that I can make with chopped up veggies in them. Quesadillas & quiches work well & are well loved by the boys. The other challenge is that they don't all like or want the same foods. Caden is obsessed with any kind of bread (bread, waffles, tortillas) & cheese. While Garren likes his fruits & veggies. Kellan is not hard to please, he will eat anything & everything including his brothers leftovers. No wonder he has taken over the biggest baby spot :o)

Here are the boys trying Jello...




The boys drink all of their milk exclusively from straw cups, they still get one bottle of formula a day. Transitioning from bottles to cups was no problem at all. It was more breaking my habit than it was theirs. Bottles are just so easy & when they get one, they sit back & relax & drink pretty much the whole thing, they were occupied for a little bit & I could get other things done real quick, like letting the dogs out & getting breakfast ready. All 3 of them had been losing interest in their bottles for a while so I just stopped giving them to them. I put milk in cups & set them on a blanket on the floor when they wake up (in the morning or from naps) & then when they go into their highchairs to eat we bring the cups along. Once they're done eating they don't usually want anymore to drink & that is that. Once they don't need the formula anymore I will just stop that bottle.

Kellan crawling over for a sip

The boys have also become very determined or better yet, stubborn, they are Taurus's after all. When they want to do something or get something they will do all they can to achieve it, even when being told no or even being blocked from it. If we take something from them or one of them takes something from the other, they scream as load as they possibly can. Garren has taken to throwing himself backwards on the floor. It only took him a few times of doing it to figure out he was only hurting himself & now he does it a little slower as to not hit his head so hard, lol...

Since their birthday Kellan has cut 3 more teeth, a 3rd on the bottom & his 2 top front teeth. The poor kid ran a fever on & off most of the month with a runny nose, croupy cough & of course loose stools. I'm almost sure it was all due to teething (except the cough, I think it came from the runny nose.) He would wake up in the middle of the night crying either from teething pain or fever, so he spent several nights in our bed. Caden has also cut his 2 top front teeth & had on & off fevers, runny nose, croupy cough & diarrhea :o( He spent more days uncomfortable than nights but got plenty of extra attention too. Garren's top front teeth are "right there." I can see the whites of them pushing on his gums. They are causing him plenty of discomfort as he spends a lot of time chewing on things or just pushing on them with his thumb. He has also had on & off fevers, runny nose & diarrhea, but no cough. He has had a few late nights getting some one on one time with Donna & I, he has always been out night owl so I don't think it really has anything to do with teething.

All three of the boys are cruising the furniture & trying to stand on their own. They will squat down & stand back up without hanging on to anything & they will walk across the room hanging on to someones fingers. They love any toy that makes noise & they love banging items on the tables, walls, doors & tile floors.


They are each super lovable & will crawl over just for a hug or sit on our lap for a minute. They've been interacting with other for a while now, but it just gets better & better all the time as they discover new games to play with each other, kiss & hug each other or comfort one another when someone is upset.

Caden & Kellan

Being a mom truly is the best job ever, being a mom to multiples has got to be the ultimate mom promotion!!! I can't think of a better way to spend my days than with these 3 amazing boys, or my nights for that matter :o)

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