Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ciao! Baby

So I was cruising Pinterest one day & ran across a portable high chair... 

If you have multiples, anything "portable" or "space saving" sounds amazing!!! And since we were about to do A LOT of traveling, I had to have them!!!

Ciao! Baby is apparently a new(er) company & it took a couple weeks to get our order, but their customer service was terrific & the chairs are as fabulous as I expected.

Garren trying out the first one

 Garren, Caden & Kellan having lunch in our apartment on moving day
(no furniture was left)

 Caden, Kellan & Garren having breakfast in our hotel room

Several people have asked me where they can get them, so here is their website & facebook page :o) Check them out!!!

We were nomiated for Top 25 Moms of Multiples 2012 by Circle of Moms.
So if you like our blog, please vote for it!

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