Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emergency C-Section vs Emergency Surgery

When I delivered the boys they called it an "emergency c-section." Everything happened really quickly but there really wasn't a sense of urgency about it. There were a lot of doctors & nurses coming in & out of my room as they were prepping me & there were about 30 people in the delivery room either working on my delivery or preparing to work on the babies. There was a good vibe, of course Donna & I were concerned about the condition the boys would be born in, but everyone involved was really upbeat about it all.

Less than 4 weeks later I was rushed to the emergency room hemorrhaging. My blood pressure was near nothing & I passed out in triage, which won me a very fast ride on a stretcher directly into the ER. There were suddenly 6 or 8 doctors & nurses working on me, putting in 4 IV's & trying to do scans to figure out why I was bleeding. There was too much blood too fast & they decided "emergency surgery" was the only option. There was definitely a sense of urgency this time. They put in so many IV's to get as much fluid in me as fast as they could & then they ran, literally ran me through the halls to the OR. It was crazy & the mood was not positive.

It's been a year now since that incident & obviously everything worked out ok. I've kept track of the time because I have a rare blood type & would like to start donating blood again :o)

Here are some pictures of the boys then...

 Caden, just about 4 pounds

 Garren, just under 4 pounds

 Kellan, not quite 4 pounds

And the boys now...

Caden & Kellan, 23 pounds & Garren, 21 pounds

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