Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Hotel Stay

Tuesday while the movers were taking forever to get our belongings loaded it became apparent that their original 5 hour estimate was not accurate & that if I wanted to avoid a repeat of the meltdown the boys had on Monday at their doctors appointment, I was going to have to get them out of the apartment & to a place they could unwind & take a nap...

I googled "pet friendly hotels in Winston-Salem" & found an Embassy Suites downtown. It was only 1 o'clock & I knew check-in wouldn't be until 3pm, so I called to see if we could get an early check-in & 3 cribs? The receptionist was very friendly & said we could come whenever we were ready. I loaded the boys up & headed right over. We got checked in, the cribs weren't in the room yet but that gave the boys a little time to check the place out, they explored every square inch of the place, Caden even made his way into the bath tub (a new trick he just discovered before we left the apartment.)




I think housekeeping thought it was a joke that we needed 3 cribs. The receptionist called about 15 minutes after we arrived to see if the cribs had made it, I told her no & she said they should be on the way. An hour later the boys were winding down & we still had no cribs, so I called back down to the front desk & a couple minutes later their was a guy at our door inquiring that we did indeed need 3 cribs, lol... 10 minutes later I had 3 cribs & 2 sleeping babies. Kellan has been a little clingy through the move & has needed to fall asleep with one of us before being able to be put in his bed. I don't mind & really can't complain considering how well the boys have traveled to this point. Another 10 minutes & all 3 boys were sound asleep. I took a cat nap before fixing the boys dinner & heading back to rescue Donna from the movers.

After picking up Donna & the pups we all headed back to the hotel. I ordered a pizza from Mellow Mushroom, took the pups for a walk to a dog park right around the corner from the hotel & settled in for dinner & a movie. The boys settled right in & went to sleep without much of an issue & Haddie & Eason are happy as long as they are with us.

 Eason enjoying the downtown veiw...

 Haddie at home on the end table, lol...

Donna & haddie enjoying a cold beer after a hard day.

I have to say our first hotel stay with the boys was a success & if we find ourselves moving again I will just book a hotel for us through the entire process of being packed & loaded so the boys have a place to do their thing & can keep their regular routine :o)

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