Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's On Our Trays & In Our Bottles These Days...

I decided a few days before the boys 1 year check-up to make the switch to milk, this way if the boys had any issues with it I could talk to the doctor about it then. Well it turns out I jumped the gun a little bit. With the boys being 11 weeks premature, Dr H wanted to keep them on formula until they were 15 months. The boys had done well switching to milk & had had no issues with it. So we decided to give them 8oz of formula a day and 8 - 10oz of whole milk. She just wants to make sure they get the vitamins they need to support their growth until they're 1 year adjusted age. I also give them Poly Vi Sol, a liquid multi vitamin, everyday in their morning bottle.

Speaking of bottles... the boys are also making the transition to straw cups very well. Garren especially, he will take a bottle first thing in the morning with the other 2 boys but after that, he just wants it in a cup, even his evening milk :o) Kellan & Caden are drinking well from a cup during the day, but still want that morning & evening bottle.

Just how Garren is feeling about his bottle these days

 Garren having a snack

Caden enjoying his Mum Mums

The boys are eating just about everything we eat now, with the exception of tomato sauce & anything with nuts. I had to go back to chopping their veggies roughly, they weren't chewing them well & weren't digesting them. So I just chop them to a chunky salsa consistency & they eat them up. All three boys are self feeding really well & holding a spoon or fork during meals. They love eggs, blueberry waffles, cheerios, grits, cheese, yogurt, beans, rice, pasta, chicken, shrimp & beef. Turkey & pork are ok but they can't get enough of the others!!! They also prefer veggies to fruit :) I have found gluten free pancake/waffle mix & gluten free pasta. I also bought some quinoa to try instead of cereal. I'll let you know how that goes.

The boys trying out strawberries for the first time...




Kellan, Garren & Caden trying Mexican food,
they couldn't get enough spanish rice & refried beans!!!


  1. You may want to check with your pediatrician about the shrimp. I have always been told no shellfish before two years old. Maybe times have changed but it is the only thing my guys still haven't had yet. They even eat peanut butter and jelly on tortillas and love it. Glad to see the move is going well for you guys! Keep the posts coming. I love to see how they are progressing!

    1. She actually specifically said they could have eggs, shrimp & fish now, no nuts until 18 months. Thanks for keeping up, I think we may have found a house today :o)



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