Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thirty Five

That is how old I am today.

Last year Donna kept teasing me, saying I was going to have the boys on or near my birthday. I had already been in the hospital for a couple weeks, but I was only 29 weeks pregnant & had planned on making it to at least 33 weeks. My plans failed & Donna was right, 3 days after my birthday last year, the boys made their grand entrance & became the best belated birthday gift I have ever received!!!

I have had some pretty special birthdays over the years, but nothing as special as waking up on my birthday to 3 happy, squealing, giggling baby boys. And to top that off, after breakfast this morning Garren pulled himself up to his feet!!! I was so proud I cried & I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift!!! 

After the boys' lunch my mom watched them while I went on a lunch date with Donna. I went to Target & bought the boys a couple more things with their birthday gift cards & then I went to get my nosed pierced (something I've been wanting to do for a little while now.) My mom made tacos, one of my favorites, for dinner & a delicious homemade black forest cake for dessert. It was a really fabulous day!!!


  1. Happy birthday again! And go Garren! Is it me or is your cake missing a letter?

    1. LOL!!! I didn't even notice... It looks like the way my nephew says my name :o)

  2. lol the cake is missing a letter! which makes it all the more special! sounds like a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Again!



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