Thursday, November 3, 2011

6 Month Check-Up

The boys went for their 6 month check-up & vaccines Wednesday. 
They checked out great, exceeding the pediatrician, Dr Heinrich's, expectations!!!

Here are their stats...
Garren: 16 pounds 6 ounces, 25 inches long,
head circumference 17 inches, 75th percentile.
Kellan: 17 pounds 7 ounces, 26 inches long,
head circumference 17.25 inches, 90th percentile.
Caden: 18 pounds 4 ounces, 26.25 inches long,
head circumference 18 inches, 95th percentile.
(the percentages are for their adjusted age)

All 3 boys scored above average in their communication & socialization skills and average in their fine & gross motor skills and problem solving skills.

These were based on their actual age not their adjusted age & Dr Heinrich said she didn't even expect them to be doing 6 month old stuff. She said she is quick to refer preemies for developmental delays, but that we "would be laughed right out of their office." She's impressed with how well the boys are doing!!!
This is a huge relief to me, I am always so worried about their development. I know I shouldn't, but I think every mother probably does, especially moms who have premature babies. 

The boys have been discovering each others faces, ears, & fingers 
They are rolling...
These 2 started out in the center of that blanket, side by side, on their backs
Kellan has decided he can pick up toys...
and put them in his mouth
Caden grabbing his toes

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