Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Visit from Nana & Papa...

My mom & step-dad stopped by on their way back to Georgia from my uncle's funeral in Tennessee. It really wasn't on the way, but they made it on their way & it was so nice to see them. They were very surprised at how much the boys had grown since they saw them last at about 10 weeks old.

We just hung out around the house visiting & I put my mom to work on some hats for an order I have from my Just Hookin' page. Donna & I did sneak out for a little bit, we had a little shopping we needed to do but I didn't want to drag the boys out with their colds. My mom offered to watch them while we went alone. That's is only the second time we have left them with anyone.

Here are some photos from their visit...

Nana & Kellan
Papa & Kellan
Caden sleeping next to Nana
Garren & Nana
Garren & Papa
Nana & Kellan 
Nana, Kellan, & Caden
It was great to see them for a little bit, wish they could have stayed longer, but thankful for the time we had :)

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