Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

I was so excited to dress the boys up for Halloween this year, it took everything I had not to put them in their costumes when they arrived and parade them around, lol. Donna & I debated on taking them Trick or Treating or taking them to a party or to a Trunk or Treat event. Then we found out the photographer that did their newborn pictures was having a charity event for a local food bank and was photographing kids in their costumes in exchange for non-parishable food items. So we loaded up a couple of grocery bags with canned goods & decided that's what we would do. We were also going to take them to a few houses for Trick or Treating, but a couple weeks before Halloween the boys decided they wanted to take their last bottle of the day at 6pm... so much for that idea. We had a good time anyways & got a very cute photo while helping out the food bank :)

Photo from Fantasy Photography
 Here are some photos we took at home...

Garren is the Dragon, Kellan is the Tiger, & Caden is the Cow
I actually think Kellan was trying to sit up in this photo??? He kept leaning forward...

looks like Kellan was giving Garren a big ROAR!!!

Had to get those tails in photos :)
another Tiger ROAR face

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the costumes. The boys all looked adorable. Food bank & pic was a fantastic idea.



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