Wednesday, November 30, 2011

7 Months Old Already

It truly seems that these boys discover something new everyday. A new move, a new sound, a new expression... It is amazing to be able to watch 3 little beings learn, discover & grow everyday. I don't know how I got to be so lucky.

So what are the boys doing now? Lets see...
Caden & Kellan are trying to crawl, it's funny to watch, they look like they could be really good swimmers, lol. They are all starting to sit up, they can each sit up supporting themselves with their hands for a minute or so before toppling over. They all LOVE their jumpers/exersaucers. They entertain themselves for a while in those things. They all chatter away most of the day, they squeal & scream just for the fun of it. Garren was making this motorboat noise constantly for a couple weeks, I wanted to get it on video but, he suddenly stopped & hasn't done it now for about a week. My dad got to hear him do it through our entire phone conversation one day.

It has been a month now since I quit pumping. While I am sad to leave that phase behind, it has been a huge relief not to have to squeeze that into our ever evolving routine & with the boys eating food twice a day now, I just don't know how I would have done it. I had some frozen breast milk left from the boys NICU days, so I continued to give them that until it ran out...

We are getting a pretty good routine down now. It kind of looks like this...

7:45am; wake up, change diapers, bottle, eat cereal
9am; play, change diapers
10am; nap
12pm; wake up, change diapers, bottle
12:30/1pm-ish; play
1:30/2pm-ish; nap
3pm; wake up, change diapers, bottle
4pm; play
5:30pm; catnap 
6pm; bottle, eat veggies
7pm-ish; baths, change for bed, relax in swings
7:30/8pm; bedtime

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  1. Can't believe my boys are this age now! I love the pic of all of them in their jumparoos :)



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