Saturday, October 1, 2011

5 Months Old

Our home is filled with baby babble, squeals & smiles. Although it has been 5 months I still sometimes have a hard believing we are moms. Sometimes Donna looks at them & then looks at me and says "Spring, we have 3 babies!" It sounds silly, but there was a little bit of time there when we didn't think it was possible. I'm also in denial about the boys being 5 months old.

Kellan, Garren, Caden
Caden, Kellan, Garren
This last month has been really been fun!!! The boys are all smiles all the time... They wake up grinning in the morning & open their mouths wide as if they want to say something. They coo & babble all day long. I love how when we walk by they give us a bashful smile & how they light up when we leave the room and then come back again.

We are still working on getting the boys their plagio. helmets but, we are making great progress & I think we'll be able to talk the doctor into giving us the helmets with half the money down next week :) I am busier than ever crocheting! I love to crochet anyways & I'm happy I'm able to raise money doing it. How do I have time? I just have to do it while the babies nap or after they go to bed... the floors don't get vacuumed quite as often & our laundry is a little further behind, but it's all worth it to get the boys what they need. I could only pray to stay this busy selling my stuff, but I know, as it already has a bit, business will slow down again. If you haven't yet, check out my shop Just Hookin' on facebook or on Etsy :)

Well the boys are growing like weeds! They haven't had a check up this month so I don't know what their current weights or lengths are, but I went in to get Caden up one morning & I swear he looked like he had grown 3 inches overnight! Garren changes by the minute, every time we look at him he looks different. I don't know if it's their new facial expressions or if their faces are filling out. Whatever it is, they get cuter & cuter by the day!
These boys can't sit still anymore! Their arms and legs and heads are just going everywhere all the time. Sometimes I can't get their legs in their sleepers and just let them hang out until bedtime. They are all consistently holding their heads & chests up when laying on their tummies and they are inconsistently rolling over. Kellan rolled once from his tummy to his back & hasn't figured it out again since :( Caden recently rolled twice, they do try pretty hard to do it again, but they get sooo mad when they can't. Garren has rolled from his back to his side but has not rolled from his tummy yet. They also use their legs a lot when they're on their tummies, they turn themselves in circles, I figure it's just a matter of time before one of them goes forward.
The boys carry on a lot of baby babble conversations, even quiet little Garren has found his voice & likes to use it! Kellan squeals at his hands when they do quite what he wants & he squeals at the TV (I only let them watch it while they are waiting their turn to eat) and Caden has taken notice of hanging toys and talks & giggles at them, when he doesn't have them in his mouth :)

Well we've got a busy month ahead of us, so stay tuned for lots of new blog posts!!!

Happy October , I hope you are all having a beautiful Autumn!!!

Garren, Donna, Caden

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  1. They are getting so darn big! I am living my joy thru your babies! LOL I know I have said it before but I am so happy for you and Donna. xxoo



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