Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Boys First Pumpkin Patch

We didn't quite find what we were looking for... I had the farm (Hunsader Farm) I grew up going to for pumpkins & fall festivities in mind & Donna had some sort of farm pictured in her mind too.
We stopped at a small roadside pumpkin patch first, it actually was too small for us to even get our stroller through :(
I remembered a corn maze I found online, they had a pumpkin patch listed too, it was a little ways away but we thought we'd give it a try anyhow :)
They place was great!!! They had a lot going on, a HUGE corn maze, zip lines going every which way, food & drinks, cow train rides (will be great for the boys next year!) fossil & gem digs, a pumpkin patch & I even think they have a haunted attraction after dark. Their pumpkin patch still wasn't what we had envisioned but it did the trick. They boys won't remember much about it but it was important to me to start seasonal/holiday traditions now, plus it gives us an idea of what to expect next year when all 3 boys will be running around.

Kellan (poor baby with eczema), Caden, & Garren in their
Halloween outfits from Aunt Autumn

The Cow Train
I think this will be fun for the boys next year :)

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