Monday, October 17, 2011

Having A Hard Time Letting Go...

It's a strange thing, I have looked forward to the time I would quit pumping & feeding the boys breast milk pretty much since I started. It's a lot of work & very time consuming. As the boys get older & become more aware of the world around them & sleep less, it has become almost impossible to have the time to sit down & pump for 30-45 minutes every 3 hours. Well now that the time has come & I have made the decision to stop I am having a hard time completely giving it up. I have started transitioning the boys to more/all formula & have only been pumping in the morning & at night. I don't really know what the next step in cutting back is & I'm kind of nervous about not making milk at all anymore. But on the other hand, I'm looking forward to spending more hands on time with the babies & not having so many bottles & parts to wash :) A time saver all the way around, plus with formula I can make all their bottles for the day ahead of time & not spend my life in the kitchen, which is where I feel like I'm at all the time!!!

Kellan, Garren, & Caden all smiling!!!
On another note, the boys are doing great with their helmets. They are suppose to wear them day & night, only taking them off for baths & pictures but, the helmets get really stinky & need washed at least once a week (really more) They take overnight to dry so the boys end up not wearing them for 1 night about once a week. They could stand to be washed more but I don't want the boys out of them too much so we just wash them once a week right now. I'm hoping at their 8 week check up they will be able to cut down to just wearing them at night. I hate not being able to kiss their little foreheads & they get frustrated when they try to nuzzle their heads in our necks, the helmets hurt us & the boys aren't getting the contact that they want. Over all they are tolerating them well & don't even seem to know they have them on.

After bath before bed nap, lol
After our last bottle getting relaxing before bed

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  1. I can relate to the BF'ing but I wanted to say that you did amazing to get to this point. I only made it to three months with the twins and it ended up being that or my sanity. They got the best start the could and we both have to be proud of that. Way to go momma!



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