Sunday, October 30, 2011

6 Months!!!

WOW!!! That is all I can really say about the past 6 months of our lives :) These little boys are absolutely amazing. They are growing & learning so fast. It seems they discover something new everyday & they truly keep me on my toes with their never ending change. It is true what they say... Just when you think you've got it figured out, they change again!!!

So what are the little guys up to?
Lets start with Caden...

Caden is all smiles, giggles, & screams, yes screams!!! He has found this lovely noise he can make now & he enjoys just letting out a joyful scream when playing on the floor or hanging out in his swing or bouncer. It is pretty funny. All of the boys have decided that tummy time is not their thing, they would prefer to do their rolling from their backs. Caden rolls from his back to his side & as of the past couple days he rolls all the way to his tummy. He gets mad after a few minutes on his tummy if he can't get back to his side or back. This rolling along with his wiggling has made him slightly mobile. I will put him (& his brothers) in the middle of a blanket on the floor & next thing I know they are all off the blanket or laying across one another. He is also grabbing his feet & has started reaching for us. He likes to splash in the bath tub, he raises his legs up as far as he can & then just plops them down in the water. I think I am going to have to start laying them in the tub, not in the little chair thing, to bathe them. They all wiggle so much & jerk around I'm constantly trying to hang onto them so they don't fall out of the seat. Caden grabs his hanging toys now and wants to put everything in his mouth. He is still drooling like crazy & chomping on his bottle but, I haven't felt any teeth yet.

Next up is Kellan...

Kellan is also full of smiles and giggles, he has recently started laughing at certain words like poopy & stinky. He is also rolling from his back to his tummy. He sleeps on his side but has been working towards sleeping on his stomach, which makes me a little nervous since you're told from day one "backs for sleeping, tummies for playing." Kellan was the baby that got the first "injury," he managed to turn in a complete circle on his activity mat & ended up up against a book shelf, he got his leg caught on the edge & scratched up his leg. He cried & cried about it but was of course completely fine & now the mats are out in the middle of the floor away from everything. Kellan likes to watch his feet as he wiggles them around & he also grabs ahold of them & pulls them towards his mouth. He is the only baby so far that picks up toys on his own. He is still drooling but not really chomping on stuff like his brothers, I don't know how long they drool before they actually cut any teeth? He's crazy in the bath tub too just like he is on the floor! I swear I can't figure out how they get in some of the positions they get into, or how they get to the places they do. All I can say is look out puppies these boys are going to be chasing them soon!!!

Last but not least, Garren

Little Garren (I'm sure he'll love that when he gets older) Our patient & quite little guy, well he isn't so quiet anymore, he rambles on & on in several different voices & he loves to laugh. He has the funniest laugh, it's not an out loud giggle like the other boys. His is kind of a deep hehehe, it makes me laugh & he in turn laughs more which makes me laugh more... I love seeing their little personalities coming out!!! Garren doesn't roll as much as his brothers, he is content just playing with the toys hanging above him or laying right around him. He also grabs ahold of toys. He is a mad man in the bath tub too, he won't even sit up, he wants to stand when I wash his back. I would say he has been doing the most "teething," he wants to bite everything which has made feeding him his bottle a bit of a pain. He bites at the bottle instead of sucking it & them he puts his thumb in next to the nipple when he does decide to suck. 

All the boys love to play in their "bounce a bout." They really like being upright now. During playtime I let them each stand holding onto my hands as long as they want/will & then they usually sit for a while holding onto me. They have really taken notice of each other again too. Caden especially likes to just stare at his brothers and if he can reach them he likes to pet their faces or hold their hands and they all babble to each other. They are all sleeping through the night still, they have the occasional cry out & sometimes one of them will have a hard time with gas or something but with 3 babies I really cannot complain. They sleep until 8 or 8:30 in the morning. We do need to work on a more consistent nap & bedtime routine, but for the most part they are doing good with both & adapt very easily to change.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Makes me wish we lived closer so I could Hugg & smooch'em



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