Monday, January 17, 2011

Triplet Strollers

After a lot of research and consideration of triplet strollers, we have finally decided on one, I think.
There are not a lot of triplet strollers out there and further more there aren't many that hold infant car seats.
So we were faced with getting a triplet stroller frame that takes 3 infant car seats & then having to buy another kind of stroller when they outgrow the infant carseats along with 3 more/larger carseats.
Or we could have gone with a single stroller & a duo stroller that hold infant carseats and then hold the kids when they get bigger, but forget either one of us going anywhere with out the other to push the second stroller.
Finally we found a triplet stroller that has toddler seats & will hold infant carseats & boy is it expensive, but we won't have to buy and rebuy strollers as the boys grow, so we should break even in the end.
Who would have thought these decisions would be so hard or triplet items would be so hard to find?!?

It's the Peg Perego Triplette Stroller, shown with the toddler seats that are included. The Peg Perego  infant Carseats are sold separately.

It has a steering wheel!!


***UPDATED*** April 10th, 2014

I get a lot of emails regarding this stroller &/or this post, so I've decided to add an update.
The stroller above, the Peg Perego Triplette is the stroller we got & used & LOVED!!! It was especially great while the boys were still in infant car seats because we were able to transfer the whole seat from the van to the stroller without unstrapping/buckling & re-buckling each of the boys. It was also super quick & easy for me to do when I was out by myself with the boys.

Of course since having the boys & becoming apart of the online network of triplet families, I have seen all kinds of options for triplet strollers. I still like what we had the best because of its ease of use while the boys were infants but I will admit once the boys outgrew the infant seats & had some weight to them the Peg Perego stroller became hard to get around in, especially when the boys started moving around a lot, try turning left with three 20+ lbs kids bouncing to the right, lol... 

By this point we had the Choo Choo wagon & just started using it everywhere we went. It made getting out by myself possible but probably wasn't the easiest mode of getting in & out of places with 3 toddlers but we weren't up for spending another grand on another stroller. Hindsight... We probably should have. Our boys are big & became very heavy/difficult to pull very quickly. 

Radio Flyer came out with a 3 seat wagon just before our boys turned 2 & since the Choo Choo wagon was becoming so difficult to pull we decided to give it a try. It has a huge storage bag on the back which is a HUGE bonus for those of us hauling supplies for 3 kids & you can get it with a canopy which makes those harassing triplet questions diminish significantly! :)
This wagon is a lot easier to pull than the Choo Choo Wagon with it swiveling wheels but comes with the risk of fighting kids since they are all in one wagon together & the bigger they get the more they touch. And again the bigger the boys get the tougher it is to pull. We pretty much only use the wagon for the zoo & trips to the beach.

Other stroller options are:
The Foundations Triplet Stroller: this I hear is similar to the stroller we had but it doesn't hold infant seats, the wheels don't turn nor does it have a stealing wheel so harder to maneuver but it is one of the least expensive options out there.

The Runabout: this one holds infant seats & then converts to toddler seats. From what I understand it doesn't fold up so a trailer or hitch is needed to transport it unless you find a vehicle large enough to fit it in.

The Valco with Joey Seat: this is what I wish we had now! It doesn't hold infant Carseats but the two side by side seats recline, the Joey seat doesn't so no infants or napping happening there but I think this would be a great options once the babies are over a year old :)

The ABC Adventure Buggy: I think this would be a great option too, my only concern would be hoisting one of my nealy 40lbs boys up into that top seat, probably not happening for my 5'2 self, lol this would probably be a better option than the Joey seat though for infants since it also doesn't hold infant seats.

Triplet Jogging strollers: there are many many brands of jogging strollers out there, I'd say ask around to anyone with any kind of jogger for an opinion of brand. I've heard some are heavier than others, some have stationary wheels opposed to wheels that swivel, some fold up smaller than others & so on...

There are other triplet stroller options out there that I haven't listed I'm sure but these are the ones that I've run across & received opinions on from triplet moms in my network. I haven't owned or used any of these exept the Peg Perego & the wagons (which are also great money saving options.) 

Feel free to comment or email if you have questions! :)
I will attach links when I get a chance to get on a real computer & not just the blogger app on my iPad...


  1. Ok, time for you to tell us where you have registered so we can help with some of these expenses. Can't have you spending all your $$$ on strollers and the boys have no shoes on their tiny feetzies...:-)

  2. that's not a stroller - it looks like something built by NASA......oh no, it probably works properly so it can't be built by NASA ;-)!!!!

  3. Funny... Donna said last night, "this stroller is longer than you are tall" I said "great, if I trip & fall the kid in the front will never know!!" lmao!

  4. holy moly the limo of strollers!! Stretch limo at that! Hope you both have BIG cars

  5. AWESOME!! I hope it's lightweight! Good luck girls!

  6. So have you registered somewhere for this thing? Can you registered for the limo of stollers? I love the storage underneath as well.

  7. Karin, we did register for it @ Babies R Us, we are also registered @ and @ Target :)

  8. Can you please shed the stroller's brand? thank you so much.

    1. Melanie, if you meant share it is a Peg Perego. I wrote this post early in my pregnancy & obviously need to update it since I've been getting lots of emails about it :)
      Update to come SOON!



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