Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday; RAK, Bedtime, & Diaper Free

Wonderful Wednesday Series
We NEED more positive in this world. It does not have to be elaborate, though that is always welcome, and can be a simple picture or a short few sentences of something, someone, anything, that you think is wonderful. If you feel inclined to do the same, be sure to leave a link to your Wonderful Wednesday in the comment section so others may enjoy it as well!

Wonderful #1; Random Acts of Kindness
Monday after Speech Therapy, I needed to grab a few groceries. The boys have not been the best behaved while shopping recently so I gave them a pep talk before heading into target. I let them know we were there for groceries only & we would not be looking at or going anywhere near the toys, or book, or bedding (they are obsessed with blankets but will only sleep with the quilts they've had since infancy)

So everyone promised no crying or screaming & we headed straight towards the grocery dept. I grabbed what we needed as quick as I could & headed to checkout. While I manage to fit everything on the rack under the shopping cart while shopping it never seems to fit under there once bagged. Since my cart was full of boys I grabbed another cart to put the now bagged groceries in & dragged it behind me with one hand while I pushed the boys in front of me. Just as we reached Starbucks near the exit a woman coming in asked if she could push my cart out for me. YES, PLEASE!!! :)

When the boys were babies & I was pushing the limo of all strollers I used to get offered help by store employees all the time, It made getting groceries so easy & honestly was nice to have an adult (usually) to talk to for a half hour or so. That hasn't happened for a while now so it was a really, REALLY nice gesture for this random woman to push my cart for me & obviously also very helpful :)

Wonderful #2; Bedtime
Yesterday we woke up to gloomy skies once again. We've had more rainy days than not over the past couple of weeks & they are usually several consecutive days of rain. The boys had been cooped up in the apartment  & were probably going to explode if they didn't get to run of some energy soon. So I double checked that they were indeed open first & then announced we were going to the bounce house place. The boys were super excited & a bit confused. They call the place we went while visiting grandma "the BIG bounce house" & their cousin Chandler has a bounce house at home, so they thought we were going to see grandma or chandler at first. We haven't been to the one here often because it is only open two days a week for 3 hours first thing in the morning.

Garren jumping through an obstacle

Kellan climbing over & Caden coming through another obstacle

Garren going the wrong way

Kellan & Caden getting ready to slide down

Kellan swinging on a kid sized swing

Caden having a blast!!!

Caden & Garren getting in a little Air Hockey action

The boys had an awesome time, running & jumping & diving through the obstacle courses & sliding down the slides. They bounced non stop for 2 hours before deciding they were "done." They proclaimed their hunger so I called Donna to see if she wanted some lunch & we picked up some food & headed to her station to eat with her. The boys love 'working' at her station, I'm sure they just mix things up but they move boxed from cart to cart & push them around the office. 

When we left Donna's station the boys asked to go to the playground. I thought they had to be tired but they apparently still had energy to burn so I obliged & we headed to the nearest playground. They ran & climbed & slid some more before we finally headed home, 5 hours after we left that morning. When Donna got home after work she mentioned wanting to shower before the boys went to bed & I told her she should go ahead & go then because I didn't think they would make it until 8. While she was showing one by one, they put themselves to bed, lol... Donna came out & asked where everyone was, in bed & passed out by 7:30. What could be more WONDERFUL?!? 

Wonderful #3; Diaper Free at Last
We are officially diaper free!!! We ran out of diapers last week & despite 2 boys who still only wanted to poop in a diaper I decided we weren't buying anymore & hoped that they would go on the potty & not constipated themselves. Well, it worked! When they asked for a diaper I told them we were all out. They asked to go to the store to get more & I said we couldn't, I told them they were big boys & could sit on the potty. I offered the reward of a sucker when they went which I had been doing for Caden since he had been going, hoping the other 2 would want in on the action. 

Running out also meant no more night time diapers. I was fairly certain that G was just being lazy by peeing in his nighttime diaper & was fairly confident that without the convenience of a diaper he would be able to go all night. C & K had been waking dry since they originally potty trained so I didn't foresee any issues there. I was right about G, no nighttime accidents. None for C either. Surprisingly K has had a few so we are going to work on liming drinks even earlier (I already stop drinks 2 hours prior to bed) or limiting the amount he gets at dinner.

WOOHOO!!! No more diapers!!!

If you are participating in the Wonderful Wednesday series, don't forget to leave a link to your post in the comments :)

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  1. I missed this when it went up!!!! Yay for no more diapers!!!! Big boys!!! That random act of cart pushing kindness made me smile. Thanks for sharing :)



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