Saturday, October 18, 2014

21 Weeks In; New Color

There's not much to report this week except that the house has been repainted & we LOVE the new color!!! 

We have our final walk through this coming Wednesday. There are just a couple things from our first walk through left to be done so I think it will all be good by Wednesday. 

We were scheduled to close this coming week but the lender is behind so it may be next week before we close. All parties are hoping the closing happens before the end of the month so keep your fingers crossed the lender gets it together by then.

Love love LOVE the new paint color!!!


  1. I liked the old color but WOW, I really LOVE the new color!!!! It is beautiful and perfect!

    1. Thanks, I'm really happy we changed it!

  2. congratulations! it looks beautiful! can't wait for the photos of you guys living in that beautiful home!



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