Tuesday, October 21, 2014

41/52; Together!

I couldn't decide which photo I liked better so here are both.

Crossing the "shake shake bridge, TOGETHER!"

The weather here has been pretty nice for the past week, maybe even 2 weeks. We have been venturing back to the playground more since we are no longer being scortched with 95+ degree weather. The boys love being outside even if they are pretend cooking instead of running & climbing :)

"Cooking pizza, TOGETHER!"

I seriously can't wait until we close on our house & get moved in so the boys can spend all day outside if they want!

On this particular day at the park the boys were doing everything "together!" as they would yell as they all came down the slide all at once, or crossed what they deemed the "shake shake bridge" thank you Thomas, lol. It was very cute & I especially enjoy their extra triplet-ish days :)

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