Monday, October 6, 2014

19 Weeks In; What's Left?

Going through the house this week, it was hard to tell what was left to do, it looks done! There are a few things left to do though before our final walk through this week.

We now have a grass lawn, painted shutters & front door & a locking door handle :)
(That's my van in the garage, eek!)

We also have a refridgerator, dishwasher, microwave, double oven & glass top range :)

'Just how many cookies can I bake at once???'

View from our front porch, lots of construction but it's the last of it for the neighborhood :)

Another view from the front porch, gotta love a FL afternoon thunderstorm :)

Part of the back yard

And the garage door has been painted too but don't get too use to this color because the house is going to be repainted the color that goes with the siding. I mentioned last week that we thought something was off, it wasn't the paint but ended up being the wrong color siding. It also turned out that somehow we ended up with the same color scheme as our existing next door neighbors which is not suppose to happen & the color ended up being lighter than we had anticipated so we opted to change the paint instead of the siding which ends up being easier & quicker to do anyways. We don't hate this color but our siding doesn't match & it's the same color as the neighbors house so it's out. :)

1 comment:

  1. It looks AMAZING!!!! I kind of like the color, but I agree, it should not match the neighbors. I would not be able to contain myself....I'd be sleeping on the lush carpet and waiting for the keys ;)



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