Tuesday, October 14, 2014

They're Back!!!

Donna's parents travel to NY every summer to escape the FL heat & spend time with family in their hometowns. We typically go for a visit halfway through the summer but didn't this year since we were in the midst of having a house build.

Her parents got back (to FL) a couple of weeks ago & we had planned to go see them for the weekend but I had a stomach bug, Caden had a mysterious high fever & Garren & Kellan came down with colds after having over active allergies for a week. So we thought it was best for all of us possibly contagious family members to stay home & Donna just went for a quick overnight visit.

This weekend we finally all made it down to see Grandma & Grandpa & we had a blast! It was another quick overnight visit due to our 'pre-homeowner walk through' at the house but it was perfect really. We weren't there long enough for the boys to get bored nor were we there long enough for the boys to start getting on anyone's nerves :) 

We drove down Saturday morning & arrived about lunchtime. The boys had catnapped during the ride so we didn't have to worry about naps. They were super excited to see grandma & grandpa & their pups. We visited for a while & ate an early supper before the boys were ready to go OUTSIDE. 

Caden came flying out of the back door like he had been fired out of a cannon & ran non stop all over the yard, around & around the house...

First up was 'tractor rides' on the riding mower around the yard. As much as all 3 of the boys wanted o ride together MomMoms lap just isn't big enough anymore so they each had to take turns. Caden was still running circles so he just followed behind the mower as his brother had their turns riding.

After riding on the mower Kellan & Caden found a good supply of dirt to play in, while they entertained themselves with that MomMom hooked up a cart to the back f the mower & pulled Garren around in that for a while. 

Once the boys were good & covered in dirt we hooked up a sprinkler & stripped the boys down, well those who weren't already stripped down to their underwear & they played in the water for a good long time. Caden continued to run & run & run, lol...

Once it got close to the boys regular dinner time we took them in for a bath & made them some dinner. They devoured their dinners & played a little more before it was bedtime. For the first time ever at grandma & grandpas house all 3 of the boys went to bed without any fuss. 

Sunday morning we visited some more, the boys played in the house & on the porch with grandma & grandpa before we had lunch & had to get back on the road to head home. The good news is, they will only be about 3 hours away from our new house when we get moved :)


  1. Visiting grandparents is the BEST!!!! Cute kiddos and doggies!

  2. cute!

    your video wouldn't play for me -- said it was private.

    1. Oops, I forget to change the setting sometimes. Thanks for letting me know :)



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