Sunday, September 28, 2014

18 Weeks In; Everything's Coming Together

A lot happened at the house this week. It was pretty exciting walking around seeing what was there & what was done.

Lights are in

Carpet is in

Outlets & covers are in

Sinks & faucets are in

Shower fixtures too

Toilets, towel bars & toilet paper holders are in

Closet shelving is in 

The boys' bath has all it's fixtures

Kellan trying out the carpet in their room

Coach lights are up & landscaping is started

Anyone want any holly bushes, pittosporum, or viburnum???
We're more tropical foliage people so we will be replacing some of the landscaping :)

Door knobs (no locks yet) are in

Dining/living room

Kitchen/breakfast nook

Washer & dryer hook-ups are in

Garage door & opener are in

Really bad photo but the irrigation system is in

Water heater is in

Driveway is in & shutters are up but not painted yet.

There is a bot of a discrepancy with the house color, the stucco color & the siding don't match. Not even close. We verified with the super & the paint color is right, although much lighter than we anticipated. So we are now checking into the siding color. The other houses in the neighborhood with our paint color have a lighter siding. We would actually prefer a tad darker of a paint color which I think would be easier to fix but we will have to see what answers we get this week. 


  1. I am basically giddy every time you post house pics. I know silly, but I love watching house projects or renovations come together. I think the sinks and the kitchen nook area are great looking!

    1. Thanks Amanda! It's so hard not to go down there everyday at this point, knowing something exciting is going on everyday, like the appliances arrived yesterday, EEEK!!!

  2. Really cool to see your house transforming week by week. Looks like all it needs is a few boys and some mamas!

    1. Awe... Thanks Abby :) We are so ready to move in but they still have a few finishing touches to do before it's ready for us, soon though :D



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