Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List; Driftwood Beach

I read an article on things to do in the Golden Isles with kids hoping to discover something new. The article didn't really list anything new to do but it did list a playground I didn't know about on Jekyll Island, so last week I packed a lunch & hoped to have a nice long morning on the island before it got too hot. 

The playground was fantastic & was different than any of the other playgrounds I've taken the boys to. The boys ran, climbed, crawled & slid to the hearts content. It was warmer out than I had hoped for so early in the day & it wasn't long before the boys asked to eat, it was only 10am actually :-/
The boys ate at a picnic at the playground & then we loaded back up in van to cool off.

There was a maze of tunnels 

& lots of spaces to climb up & in to

Kellan, Garren & Caden eating a very early lunch

We took a drive around the island to see if we could find anything else interesting & new. I decided to stop at the fishing pier & get a glimpse of driftwood beach to see if it was someplace the boys & I could go by ourselves. Well the boys saw the water & the trees that were on their sides & that was that, they were ready to explore! We weren't really dressed to for the beach so I just took the boys shoes off & we walked along the beach, digging in the sand, climbing on the driftwood (trees) & watchng the shrimp boats pass by as we went along.

Garren & Caden

Garren & Kellan, Kellan went straight for the water!

Shrimp boat

Garren, Kellan & Caden excited to see a shrimp boat!

The view opposite of the ocean from the beach

We ran across an interesting little water fountain on our way back to the van & the boys couldn't get enough of it. I thought their little faces trying to catch a drink were so funny..




It turned out to be a great morning & impromptu beach trip. I think we will definitely go again before summer is over.

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