Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Bucket List; Our Community Pool

We are putting our first check mark on our Summer Bucket List! We've actually been to the pool several times now because the boys absolutely love it & it is so much more fun than it was last year!!!

Caden with Garren & Kellan in the background


Garren & Caden love to swim independently, of course they wear puddle jumpers but they kick all around the pool, the love to jump in from the edge & to be thrown too. They are pretty happy to just do their own thing.

Kellan, Garren & Caden

Kellan isn't as comfortable swimming around on his own yet but he's getting there. The first couple times we went he just hung out on the steps but the past couple days he has asked for me to take him swimming. He hangs on to me pretty tight though. He has a lot of fun regardless!


They all love to play in the fountain & to play with other kids. They also love to flirt with women in bathing suits, lol... No one is safe sun bathing with the boys there!

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  1. Oh my! How refreshing! I love that photo of Garren with the water splashing on him. He looks so adorable there. Good thing you made the time for the boys to hang out on the pool. Summer is almost here and we know how boys get hyperactive and sweat a lot. That is a great way for them to cool down. :D
    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools



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