Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kellan & Garren's NICU Graduation Anniversary

Three years ago today (well this past Sunday now since I've slacked on getting this posted) Caden's time as the only child at home was up. Kellan & Garren joined their brother at home just 3 days was good we didn't have too much time with just one baby at home, because 1 was pretty easy compared to 3 & we wouldn't have wanted to have gotten too use to that, lol...



Kellan, Garren & Caden ready to roll out of the NICU

Caden, Garren & Kellan in all loaded in the car heading home

This first few weeks are a blur, we literally just existed for the boys, pumping, feeding, changing, sleeping & doctor appointments was about we accomplished during that time. 


Kellan & Garren have also grown into quite extraordinary little people. Kellan is still our baby of the group. He's sensitive, emotional & very attached to his moms & brothers. Kellan is super smart & like Caden learns things very easily & quickly. He's loves a good time & a good laugh & unfortunately has an electronics addiction. It's not that he has to be on his tablet or watching TV 24/7, it's that he can't not touch them. We will put a video in & just as the movie starts he runs over & opens the DVD player. He loves buttons I guess & just can't help himself when it comes to pushing them. He also loves Thomas the train, Woody & Buzz Lightyear & of course Cars. He's pretty artistic & will sit & paint or color the longest of the 3 boys & he's our biggest, pickiest, but biggest eater. Kellan can still be shy but will talk to any child that comes around, his first line is always "how are you doing?" It's funny to hear in his little voice. He is a lover & cuddler, he's likes to squeeze right in the middle of everyone or sit right on your lap. He loves his brothers and always tries to wake them up even though they sleep longer than he does.


Garren is our little spitfire! And that is putting it mildly, lol... He looks & acts so sweet & innocent at first & then his true colors come flying out faster than you know what hit you, and he has probably literally run smack into you! He's wild, fearless, loud, bossy, argumentative & funny but he is also so sweet & caring. He's quick to kiss a boo boo or help his brothers up when they've fallen. He always looks out for them with others & translates when needed. He calls everyone honey or babe. He is his Mom Mom's boy for sure, when Donna is home he doesn't let her out of his sight. He's smart & more mechanical than his brothers, he is usually our little mr fix it when a toy comes apart or one of the boys can't figure out how to work something. He also loves to color & paint bit only has the attention span to do so for about 3 minutes. He NEVER STOPS MOVING if he does then he's asleep in about 60 seconds. Garren is the only one of the boys that has taken to a stuffed animal & he still carries around a lovey (& sucks his thumb - I already know he will need braces!) when he gets hurt he insists he needs a bath to feel better but can usually be soothed with an m&m or 2 :)

I couldn't imagine what life would be like with triplet boys & now I can't imagine life without them. They keep us on our toes for sure but they fill us both with so much love & joy!

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