Friday, June 6, 2014

It Doesn't Look Like Much Now...

...but this will be where our new house sits in just a few months!

Two weeks ago Donna & I signed papers to build a new home for our family. It's about time right?! We weren't sure where we wanted to be long term, where we wanted to raise the boys & where they would go to school. We want the best of everything for them & had hoped that when Donna's 2 year commitment was up here that we'd have an answer. Nothing is ever that clear or cut & dry for us, throw in the recent passing of my dad & things just got more confusing for us emotionally. 

After a couple months of tormenting ourselves we decided our original plan, when we first moved down here from NC, was what was best. So come fall we will be moving into our new home in North Florida.

Donna will have a little commute, about 45 minutes but if an opportunity comes up in Jacksonville we will be perfectly situated for her to make that transition without having to uproot us all. The schools in the area are fantastic & we will still only be about 15 minutes from the beach! Its a smaller town we will be in, just outside of Jacksonville but we'll be close enough to take advantage of everything in the city. We will be about the same distance from parents here in GA, about 45 minutes from my sister & about an hour closer to my bonus mom & Donna's parents in Central Florida.

I'm super excited to finally have a home with enough space for all of us & a nice big backyard for the boys & the pups to run around in. The neighborhood also has a community pool, clubhouse, playground, basketball court & soccer field. We will also be in an area where we can join the Y & there will plenty of options to enroll the boys in sports. Did I mention that I'm super excited!?!

One week in, permits have been applied for...


  1. I am super excited for you guys!! I wish it was in tampa, but at least we are in the same state:) congrats!!!

  2. that's wonderful. Congrats to the entire family, how exciting!

  3. CONGRATS! That's so exciting :)

    1. Thank you all! I'll post updates as the building of the house progresses :)

  4. Congrats! I hope you enjoy the building process. It is so nice to be able to get exactly what you want. It is frustrating at times but overall I LOVED it!

  5. It sounds like you all made the perfect choice! That location seems ideal. I think the boys will love their new neighborhood!



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