Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

These tough holidays seem to just keep coming & each one is just as heart wrenching as the previous.
Although my heart hurt & I longed to see my dads smile or hear his voice I tried to keep busy & focus on other things. Luckily I have a wonderful bonus mom who made it a little easier.

My dad always called my sister & I to let us know or remind us when any of the country music shows were going to be on. It's was just one of his things. Shortly after he died an award show aired & Marie saw an ad for the Florida Country Superfest, she thought it would be fun for her, Autumn & I to go.
It just so happened to fall on Father's Day weekend.

Autumn, myself, Marie

We'd been looking forward to the festival for a couple months. I was excited & a little nervous to leave the boys overnight. 

We met up at my sisters in Jacksonville Saturday afternoon & headed to the festival. We got there, found parking close by & made our way into the stadium. We found our section just in time for a good old FL downpour. We decided that drinks were in order while we waited for the storm to pass. This was not the typical 20 minute Florida thunderstorm though, it was 2 hours before the storm had finally calmed enough for people to get to their seats & for the concerts to start.

Little Big Town

Jason Aldean

We got back to my sisters place just before 2am & headed straight to bed, we were tired girls, out way past our mommy bedtimes, lol! I somehow was wide awake just before 7am. Everyone else was still asleep including the baby & my nephew so I got dressed & snuck out quietly.

I cried most of the way home, thinking about my dad, how he would have enjoyed the festival, how I wish I could see his face & hug his neck for Father's Day. I needed the time alone that morning to just be with my emotions & thoughts.

I arrived home to 3 boys & 2 dogs that missed me & were excited to see me. I suppose Donna & the cat were too :) I had 'Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding' to make for my bonus dad so my morning was busy catching up on hugs & kisses & getting ready to head out to my mom & bonus dads for the afternoon. We celebrated Fathers Day with them & headed back home to get ready for the week ahead.

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  1. The first Father's Day without your dad is the hardest. I promise they will get easier but there still may be tears. It's been 15 years for me and it's still a tough day but like you, I just try to stay busy. I have no doubt that your dad was with you on that drive home and there will be lots of special moments in the years to come when you will feel his presence. It's the best feeling. *hugs* :)



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