Monday, March 4, 2013

Triplets, Triplets, & One More Set of Triplets!!!

This past Saturday we had a play date with our other favorite set of BBB triplets. Our local gymnastics place started "open gym" on Saturday mornings a couple weeks ago so we decided to give it try.

It was so much fun for the boys!!! They of course had the whole gym open, trampolines, balance beems, those foam wedge things along with other shapes, rings & bars to swing from & foam pits to jump or climb in. They also had a few bounce houses set up although our boys had no interest in them.

We got there right when they opened & had about a half hour of just all 6 boys playing. It was very entertaining to watch them all figure out what everything was & just what to do. Luckily Bryce, Riley & Tyson are a little older than our boys & were able to lead by example as far as climbing & jumping.

I didn't think Garren would ever come off the trampoline. Each of the boys ran across it & slipped, then looked up with crazy looks trying figure out what just happened & why the floor was so bouncy. They all like to jump though so once they figured it out they loved it. As other kids arrived & some of the moms sat in bean bags around that particular trampoline Garren started flirting & showing off. He really likes an audience & loved bouncing with the other kids.

ALL 6 boys in one shot, plus a few extra kids :)

It didn't take long for Caden & Kellan to start exploring other areas & running back & forth through the place. Donna had to go to work for an hour or so  (one of her employees mom died & the service was Saturday, so she covered the front dest so the other employees could go pay their respects.) So things became interesting trying to keep up with the boys as they each wanted to go in different directions. Thank goodness for Randee & Adam, but it was still a lot of work keeping up with 6 kids!

Riley, Bryce & Tyson had a great time too! They played on pretty much everything. They even swing on the bar out into the foam pit. They showed the boys how to climb up on the foam shapes & how to really jump on the trampolines.

Once we had our fill of chasing the boys & everyone got hungry we went across the street for lunch.
While I sat in the van texting Donna to see if she was on her way yet, another triplet mom & her triplets pulled in. I had met Karen once before & have talked to her on fb a little. Randee had come out to get the portable high chairs & thank goodness they were bother there! They helped me get the boys inside without having to use their wagon. So we had 3 sets of triplets ranging in age from 22 months to 4 years old at our very large lunch table! Donna arrived as soon as I got our food & we all had a great lunch date.

 It hard to find the boys in their chairs
but count 'em, 3 sets of triplets!!!

I'd love to say the boys napped for hours afterward but it didnt happen. They took a shorter than usual nap & woke ravenous!!! Tyson, Bryce & Riley however took good naps for their parents even after falling asleep in the car on the way home.

We had a fantastic time & can't wait to go again!!!
Thank you Randee & Adam for helping me keep track of my boys too :o)


  1. That sounds fantastic! We also go to a gymnastics class but they don't do open play times unfortunately. Garren and Teagan would get along famously - she never wants off the trampoline either!

  2. wow, nine little boys in one restaurant... awesome!

  3. What a freak way to burn some of that triplet energy! I wish I could find something like that in NM. Where do you meet all these triplets? So fun!!

    1. Dang auto correct!!! I meant to write *great* not freak, lol.

  4. Lol, auto correct gets me every time!!!
    I actually met Randee on a triplets resale page on fb. My post showed my location & she commented to ask if I was REALLY there :)
    I met Karen at a street fair like event, people were asking us about the boys & asked if we knew her, when we said no someone tracked her down & introduced us :)
    Where we moved from in NC, there was a large mothers of multiples group that met once a month, I wish we had that here! It was so nice especially when I was pregnant & we were so nervous to have other moms that had been through it. Plus when the boys came home a few of the moms stocked our freezer with ready made meals we just had to throw in the oven :) I really loved & miss those ladies!!!



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