Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drivers License Drama!!!

I will just start by saying I have lived in 4 different states in the past 13 or 14 years, yet I have only ever held a FL drivers license.

The first time I left FL & moved to GA it was temporary so I never bothered changing it.

When we lived in CT I "applied" for a drivers license there but had not changed my name yet so I was told to go to the Social Security Office first so that they could put my married name on my license. I did go to the SS office & change my name but I never went back for my license & we eventually moved back to FL.

When it was time to renew my license in FL I took our marriage license & of course SS card in in hopes that I could get my married name on my license. Well FL refused to recognize our marriage license & therefore would not change my name on my license, so it was renewed with my maiden name.

Then we moved NC. Rather than wasting hours sitting in line only to be turned away I had Donna check out the situation when she changed her license. The nice people of the Winston-Salem DMV gave her a number to have me call to verify that would take our marriage license & issue a license with my correct legal name on it. It took a couple calls & a lot of hold time but I got the answer I wanted & gathered all my documents to go...
Then I woke up in the middle of night with terrible pain in my very pregnant belly. I was admitted to the hospital that night & didn't see the outside of it for 3 weeks. The rest probably really doesn't need explained but just in case you might not know, we were consumed with our 3 precious boys living the NICU. I was also consumed by my own healing belly & by pumping breast milk around the clock.
I never made it back o the DMV.

Then came our move to GA. We've been here a tad bit longer than the state really allows for obtaining a drivers license but whatever, lol...
You try to coordinate a FedEx manager to watch the kids while you go sit in the DMV for an unknown amount of time! It never fails that the day we plan for, a courier has an accident or someone has an emergency & Donna has to stay at work :(
So finally this past Saturday I decide to just go, on the busiest day at the DMV!
I got there early, filled out my paper work, was issued a number & waited... ... ...
3 hours later my number was called. I had my FL license, my SS card, marriage license & 3 pieces of mail to verify our address. The lady says she can't hyphenate my name on my license because its not hyphenated on my marriage license but she will put my maiden name as my middle name & my married name as my last. I was fine with that even though it didn't make sense. My name on my SS card is hyphenated. Well long story short the computer would not accept the name she was using because it didn't match when she put my SS number in. Duh!!! Because my name is hyphenated!!! She tried both last names & it kept kicking it back. She finally tells me I'll have to goto the SS office & have them drop the hyphen from my name.
Monday morning I go to the SS office, they can't just change my name! The nice lady even got her supervisor to make sure because of what the DMV is saying. He tells me my name is what is on my SS card. It is legal & I was entitled to change my name to a hyphenated name through marriage. I spent Monday afternoon trying to get the DMV on the phone which never happened. I sat on hold for over 40 minutes before giving up & hanging up. I did find an email address during my time on hold so I emailed in my problem.

Yesterday I got a couple of calls from the DMV. The first was a woman who said they would have to over ride the policy & use the name on my SS card. The next call was a man who said they would have to issue me a license using an "alias." Basically they will use my name the way the woman tried to on Saturday. He said I may hear from the SS administration though because my name won't match. It's a chance ill have to take at this point as I need a new license & cannot renew in FL this time since I don't have the 6 bagillion pieces of mail verifying I live there.

Anyone else have any name changing issues?
I plan on going back tomorrow to wrap this up once & for all.
I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Wow. It's no secret the DMV is a headache, but that is way too complicated!!

  2. I absolutely despise the DMV. My stomach develops knots just thinking about it. Ugh. The one time I get pulled over for speeding, my address was different than what was on my license because we had just moved a few months prior. The police tells me I can easily get that ticket dismissed by having my driver license address corrected before time to go to court for the speeding ticket/wrong address ticket. When I get to the DMV, they tell me I can't get my address changed because my driver license was now suspended. What?!???! Needless to say I avoid the DMV at all costs. Because how do you expect me to change the address on my license when the DMV is telling me you currently have my license under suspension? They make no sense. Ugh.



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