Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Early Birthday...

I haven't decided if its my early birthday gift or the boys'?
Really it's for my convenience, to get out of the house on my own with the boys, to the gym, shopping, or just walks. But of course it's the boys that ride in it & they love it too!!!

We got the new Radio Flyer triplet wagon. While we love love love our Choo Choo Wagon, the boys are getting heavier & the length of the choo choo was making it difficult to get he wagon going. It is also difficult to turn around & of course I always have to take it apart to get it in the van & put it together before putting the boys back in it again. The new wagon is basically the size of a regular wagon, just a little wider in the back (kind of tear drop shaped) it also came with a HUGE storage bag on the back & a canopy for our hot & sunny summers.

We debated getting the wagon, we weren't sure it would be worth the investment at this age of the boys. How much longer are we going to be able to keep them in a wagon? Well after last weekend, we decided to go ahead & get it.

We were at an outlet mall last weekend, we had the boys in their choo choo walking around, checking out sales. Nothing really different than anything we do normally. For whatever reason people were gawking, not speaking to us, not asking if they were triplets, just staring & making strange comments. It was so obvious & so obnoxious that the boys started getting upset & we had to leave. The choo choo wagon does stand out, it attracts attention on its own without having a set of triplets in it, so we decided that the new wagon would appear to be a regular wagon on first glance & probably not call so much attention to the boys. When using the canopy no one will probably notice it seats 3 at all :) What will we do in public if not answering 100 questions from random strangers? Lol...

So our new wagon arrived today & we LOVE it!!! It maneuvers very easily & we only got 2 comments about having "3 babies" while we were out this afternoon. Donna loves that the handle is a little longer than the one on the choo choo & it is a little taller. No more catching her heels when she is pulling :) I love that it is the length of a normal wagon & I don't have to stop & go to the back to push it the rest of the way through a door. The boys seem to like sitting side by side & facing each other & it has plenty of space for our oversized boys :)

So, my early birthday gift or the boys'? You tell me :)


  1. LOVE the Radio Flyer! I will have to get one for my kiddos when they get a little older... Happy early BDAY to the boys :)

    1. Karlie, you will LOVE it, especially if you doing any running around with the trio by yourself! :)

  2. Ha, I love it! That's nuts that strangers tell you guys random stuff when you're out and about... some people are so inappropriate, lol. We got a wagon for Grace for Christmas and we've used it once since December. Good for you for already using that adorable Radio Flyer. Happy birthday to you all. :)

    1. You would be amazed at what people will say to random strangers & the questions they think are appropriate.
      We use our wagon in place of a stroller, I go out with the boys a lot by myself & it is the easiest way to get around since most stores don't have shopping carts that seat 3 & I obviously can't hold 3 hands & accomplish anything :)



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