Thursday, February 28, 2013

22 Months Old

It's all happening too fast!!!

I know this statement isn't new from me, but it really seems like I was just planning the boys first birthday party a couple of months ago & here it is, time to start planning their second party, YIKES!!!

The boys are really starting to show specific interests. Things that actually hold their attention for more than 10 minutes...

Kellan, Garren & Caden

All 3 of the boys LOVE cars, specifically Wheelies, the ones in the Disney Cars theme. They have a bunch of the cars & a garage & ramp. They will literally play with them for hours :)
They also like dump trucks & the little people vehicles. The slide makes a good ramp for these things.


Garren has a lot of specific interests & things that will hold his attention for a long time. He loves ball, any kind of ball, football, baseball, basketball. He loves to throw, dunk & kick the balls & has even started swinging at a plastic baseball on a t ball thingy :) He also likes stacking things, mega bloks, wooden blocks, random toys & even BALLS. He stacks them as high as he can & laughs hysterically when they all come down. He also loves to MOVE! Dancing, jumping flipping, spinning & popping out from behind a corner & yelling BOOO!!!....


Caden & Kellan love books & figuring out how things work. They spend a lot of time inspecting toys, flipping them over looking inside, even holding them up to one eye to see if they can figure out how it works. They also love mega bloks & stack them as high as they can, Caden has even been caught standing on the coffee table just to reach the top :) Kellan thinks everything is a phone these days. He holds random objects up to his ear & says "ellow!" These 2 are our tv watchers, the good thing about that is they mimic everything the characters are doing, from hopping to marching to singing & dancing. They laugh & cheer & even try to give the character on the screen items that they are holding. They are not quite as obsessed with balls as Garren is but they love to watch football & they do throw the basket ball through the hoop & kick the soccer ball. I hope these 2 don't think they will be basket ball players though because they are too big to get both feet off the floor, lol...


All 3 boys love to run around shirtless, sometimes even diaper-less. They get super giddy & run all over squealing & laughing.

Kellan, this is how he jumps, one arm & one leg up :)

They are all really starting to talk now, saying things like grandma & grandpa & telling us more about what they want to do.

Kellan likes to dress himself, the only problem is he tucks everything under his chin & thinks that it's on, lol...

Garren will bring us his shoes & lift his foot up in the air for us to put them on. He thinks if he gets them on then we are going somewhere.

Caden has suddenly started signing a lot! He's always been the more quiet of the 3 & I knew that he knew most of the signs his brothers do, he just didn't use them or say much. He's really got a lot to say now!!!

 Kellan, Garren & Caden, even though Garren is 6lbs smaller than his brothers, he is the roughest & toughest of the 3.
I think Kellan was calling 911 :o)

All 3 of the boys are still growing like crazy, at last check they were all up another 3 pounds from their 18 month check-up weights. They are wearing really random sizes. Garren is in 18 or 24 month shirts, he is slim enough for 12 month pants but too tall so we've had to find 18 month with adjustables waists so they dont fall off. Caden & Kellan are wearing 2T & 3T shirts, they are not quite tall enough for 24 month/2T pants but it won't be long!!!


  1. Aw, looks like you've got some really fun boys! Just the beginning of my favorite kid stage. Although now that I have my own I think every stage might be my favorite.

  2. Boy's will be boy's. It's amazing how much of those typical boy things seems to be genetically coded.



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