Monday, March 11, 2013

Parents of Preemies Day

Who knew there was a day to celebrate the strength & courage of parents of preemies?! Yesterday was the second annual Parents of Preemies Day. Of course as the parents of 3 preemies, the day is pretty special to us! Reading other parent's stories reminded me of the fears we faced almost 2 years ago now & just how far our boys have come. We are very very fortunate that none of the boys have had any kind of delays & don't seem to have any long term effects of being born 11 weeks premature. We count our blessings EVERYDAY!!!

For more info on Parents of Preemies Day click here :)

Here are just some of the highlights of the NICU journey...


  1. It was such a tough time for our whole family, most of the time I want to forget, but when I remember- I try to remember it as proof of just how far we've come.

  2. I LOVE your new family photo! Gorgeous!



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