Friday, February 8, 2013

Play Time with Nana & Papa

I'm wwwaaayyy behind on posts!!!

A couple weeks ago now, we received good news...

Let me back up a bit...
Back in August my bonus dad was diagnosed with throat cancer :'(
He was optimistic, thought he'd just go for treatments & keep on working, wouldn't let it get him down & just keep on truckin'. If only we could live the life we imagine in our minds.
He was signed up for radiation 5 days a week & 3 rounds of chemo spaced 3 weeks apart. It wreaked havoc on him!!! Knocked him completely out of commission. He was unable to speak or eat, he had to have a feeding tube placed which luckily they put in before they started treatments. He was SICK!!! And it took all he had just to get in the car to ride 2 hours to get his daily radiation.
After completing 7 weeks of treatment he was given time for his throat to heal. He had to wait until all the burns were healed before they could see if the cancer was gone.
Well a few weeks ago he had some scans done & it revealed that the cancer was GONE!!!

We only live about an hour away from them now but through his treatments & most of cold & flu season we stayed away. The boys had had a couple viruses & a sinus infection & we did not want to take anything to him while he was already so sick or while he was building his strength back up.
He still has a little ways to go in the strength department but he was able to get his feeding tube removed earlier this week & I was itching to get the boys out to see him & their Nana too.

Children are amazing. Somehow it seems as if they know more than what we think they do. They boys are all very loving & seem to be gentle with their Papa. They really love to play with him though!

On this visit Caden though Papa should chase him through the kitchen & into the ball pit. Kellan though Papa needed a few Cheerios & Garren just though he needed a hand to hold while he walked.

I've said it before but one of my favorite things is watching the boys interact with their grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins!!!


  1. Aw I love good news :) and that ball pit is awesome!

    1. Thanks Ali! That ball pit is just a Walmart spinning pool & about 5 bogs of balls. For your little one you could even do a smaller pool & need less balls :)

  2. How amazing. I am so elated for you guys. He seems quite the trooper. Sometimes children are the best medicine ;) hehe. Garren and Kellan and Caden all are just getting so big! How awesome. God bless y'all. :)

    Whitney - xoxo



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