Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

We aren't big Valentines Day celebraters but the boys & I decided it would be nice to take take Donna to dinner, So
we called her at work & made sure she would be home early. We didn't want to be waiting in line for a table so we decided to go early & avoid the rush. We went to our favorite place on the island & had an awesome dinner!!! The boys did really well as usual, you never know these days how loud their conversations are going to be, lol...
Garren (top left) Caden (bottom left) Kellan (right)
 2 roses for 2 mamas
(really they were just given to us at the restaurant)
When we got home we gave the boys a couple of gifts. They have been following Donna around stealing her hammer & screw driver as she works on projects so we decided to get them their own. They are still a little young for them, so we just let them have a couple of the safer, larger tools & only let them play with them while we are close by.
Valentine treats for the boys :)

Nana & Papa gave these little cutie alligators to the boys along with some shirts when we saw them a couple weeks ago. The boys have been carrying the gators around with them as they play. It's so cute to watch them develop attachments to certain things & to see what they do with them, these little guys sit close by as they play cars or build with blocks.

Some Valentine love from Nana & Papa :o)

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day too!!!

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