Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cheeseburgers, Blueberries & A Bittersweet Moment

Well it finally happened, we passed our really awesome Peg Perego Triplet stroller on to another triplet family. We really haven't been using it recently, with the weights of the boys & their shifting & moving it had gotten really hard to maneuver around in stores & at doctors appointments. So I put my mommy/baby emotions aside & listed it. I do love that we are able to pass along many of our triplet items along to other triplet families!

We could never THANK YOU enough Aunt Pat & Aunt Rosemary for the amazing gift of our stroller!!! I don't know how we would have survived the boys' infant-hood without it, especially me, on my own. It was the only way I was ever able to leave the house on my own with 3 babies. I was very emotionally attached to it, remembering Donna assembling it while I was still pregnant with the boys & bringing the boys home from the NICU in it. That stroller has seen a lot of miles between FL & NC. I hope the new family cherishes it as much as we did!!!

I think she had much less grey hair here, lol

 My teeny tiny boys

The new family lives a few hours away so we traveled to meet them & make the exchange. In all the hustle & bustle of getting ready & out the door I forgot To pack a lunch for the boys. There was nothing around where we were on the highway except McDonalds. The boys have never eaten anything from there before so I wasn't sure what they would eat, I hoped they would eat a cheeseburger opposed to chicken nuggets but I got both just in case...
They LOVED the cheeseburgers & actually ate it as a sandwich instead of all broke up into small pieces. (Caden doesn't like to take bites of full sized food) they were super easy & mostly mess free to eat on the go. I won't be rushing out to buy them more cheeseburgers anytime soon but I was pretty excited that they ate something new & different & EASY!!!

The boys also retried whole blueberries this morning & low & behold Garren couldn't get enough!!! This is the kid who spit out the mashed up blueberries in his yogurt :-/ Haddie also enjoys blueberries & Garren was sure to share a few with her :)

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  1. Parting with baby stuff has got to be such a hard thing to do! It sounds like the boys got some great use out of their stroller and it's kinda cool that a new set of triplets will now take their turn. :)



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