Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good Times In Florida

Donna had a meeting at her district office this past week & it really works out for us because her company's district office is in Orlando, our old stomping grounds & very very close to 2 sets of our parents :)

While we were really only there for 3 days, we tried to get in a few visits with good friends. It doesn't always work out for us & we usually end up canceling at least 1 if not more of the visits we intend to make :(

Well this trip, while Donna was at her meeting, our good friend Sandy stopped by for a visit. Lucky for Donna, her meeting ended early & she got to visit for a little while too :)

Sandy & Garren

My bonus sister & her family also came down to our parents the same weekend so the boys got some play time in with their cousins, Clark & Tucker, not to mention Grandma & Grandpa, & their Aunt & Uncle.

 Splashing in the bird bath...
Completely soaked!!!

I didn't get photos for some reason but I did get these videos & they are hysterical!!!

Look at us jump Grandpa

Scaring Grandpa!!!

We had to cancel on our good friends & old neighbors for Friday night cocktails :( It's always hit or miss if the boys are going to go down good or not when we are traveling & this trip, they were just having too much fun with their cousins to go to bed on time.

Kellan's first time eating pizza, I think he liked it :)

Saturday morning we headed out to Donna's parents for the weekend & had a good visit with them.

 Grandma & Grandpa Tilyou got the boys some fun ride on toys
Caden, Garren & Kellan
Garren & Caden, Caden prefers riding it backwards :)

Sunday we FINALLY made it down to our triplets friends house for a super fun visit with them. We've only been trying to get there since last May!!! It is so hard to line up 7 healthy kids & 4 healthy adults for a visit when traveling!!! We made it happen though finally & hopefully we will be able to make it happen a little more often as the kids all get a little bigger & more resilient.
My parents also came over on Sunday for a little belated birthday dinner for Donna's dad.

 Jack, Caden (hiding) & Kellan
 Jack trying to help Caden back the car out of a hole, Marissa & Garren come to help too :)
 Garren, Caden, Kellan, Marley & Jack
 The boys loved this little "coupe"
 Marley, Mike, Marissa, Caden, & Makayla
Count them, six 21 month olds & one 4 year old!!!
(oh & Mike, lol)

That was it, a super quick & short visit but filled to the max with fun, friends & loved ones :)

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