Thursday, January 31, 2013

21 Months

Where oh where does the time go?!?

Caden, Garren & Kellan
The boys actually turned 21 months Monday but they've been keeping me so busy recently that I haven't had a chance to keep up with the blog.

Garren holding down his Mama so she'll nap.

Garren is busy bee, this boy is in constant motion, whether he is climbing, running up & down the hall or just throwing himslef over the arm of the couch repeatedly. (there are pillows.) He is constantly exploring and asking "wats dat?" He is by far our biggest talker & he is quite bossy saying things like "no" & "get down" or "sit down." He repeats everything we say. Garren loves attention & when he is comfortable where he's at (home, grandma & Grandpa's, etc) he will put on quite a show. He loves to dance & laugh & get a reaction out of everyone. He has a good arm (& aim) & loves to throw any kind of ball. He is also a love bug & quite attached to his Mama right now. Once Donna is home from work he does not let her out of his sight! Garren has been trying to put on his own socks & shoes, the shoes he has better luck with but the socks he usually just gets stuck between his toes :)

Baby Face Kellan

Kellan is still our baby of the group. He is so sensitive whether it's getting hurt or being told no or even one of his brothers being told no, he is quick to tears & needs reassuring. He has gotten much braver in his climbing, especially with their slide where he was quite apprehensive at first. His favorite words are "nanana" (banana,) "go" & "nigh nigh" (night night.) He also says I love you but not quite as clear as that. Kellan loves to snuggle & give/get kisses, he is our biggest love bug. He also loves to dance & jump! He attempts to put on his socks & shoes & once we (I) get them on him he is usually at the door ready to "go!"

Caden getting in a few slides before pj's.
Caden is finally growing out of his clumsy stage. Not to say he never falls or walks into walls but it is significantly less often than it was. Although he was the first born he has fallen into the middle child role. He copies what his brothers do, mostly Garren. He is bashful when someone new or different comes around. Caden does love to dance & jump & climb & those are a few of his favorite words too. It's always good to know if he is dancing vs jumping & he repeats what he's doing over & over as he's doing it. He loves to snuggle & be close whether it's with his brothers or Donna & I.

Garren, Kellan & Caden

All 3 boys know & can say a few body parts, ie: nose, knee, toes. We can't seem to get them much past those few right now. Their attention spans are still quite short. We have also been working on colors & letters more lately with Preschool Prep videos, coloered balls & blocks & puzzles. All the boys already say a few colors & a couple of letters.

Caden, Kellan & Garren building.

They all LOVE to build with their Mega Bloks! They love to play & slide on their Sports Climber & it is also great as a car/truck ramp.

It's unbelievable how fast they continue to grow & learn!!!


  1. Is that an amber necklace? How do you like them?

    1. It is :)
      I've been meaning to write about them...
      I like them, they don't solve all their teething problems but they do help a lot! You can't go wrong for $5 (eBay) :o)



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