Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mama's Birthday Fun

Today is the 20th anniversary of Donna's 29th birthday!!!

Donna isn't a big birthday celebrater. She doesn't like a big deal to be made or to have parties & what not. That will just be too bad next year because we WILL be having a party for such a milestone birthday!!!

Garren, Kellan & Caden waiting on Mama

This weekend we had a small family dinner with my mom, bonus dad & my sister & her family. After dinner we all went to a playground to let the kids play, which turned out to be the best birthday gift we could ask for! After running, climbing, swinging & sliding the boys came home & went right to sleep & did not make a peep until 8:30 this morning. Sleeping in has got to be the greatest gift a mom could get :o)

G, C & K, ready for bed

Today we met up with some friends at the zoo & had a great time!

Kellan, Garren & Caden

Tonight we had a quiet (as quiet as it gets with 3 toddlers) dinner at home & birthday cake to end the low key celebration. Donna would NEVER, ever pass up birthday cake!!!


  1. We want to come to the big bash next year!!! :)

    1. I will keep you posted on the plans :o)



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