Friday, January 18, 2013

Worst Teething Episode To Date

I think that I should probably feel lucky that the boys go through just about everything at pretty much the same time & we are over whatever it is that much quicker but let me just say that 3 teething, crying, whining, screaming, clingy toddlers at one time is enough to make you pull your hair out!!!

Caden comforting Kellan with a pacifier.
The boys are getting their "eye teeth" better known to me as canines. Apparently the sharp pointy teeth are rather bothersome. They each have 4 molars & I didn't even know they had gotten them until Garren was yelling one night & I saw something in the back of his mouth. I wold have thought those would have been the more painful teeth.

Garren & Caden cozying up while watching a video.

The boys wanted to eat one minute & started throwing their food 2 minutes later. I tried to give them soft but firm foods. They seem to like cold veggies a lot so I didn't bother heating them up (until they were throwing them, then I tried to see if they would eat them warm.) crackers seem to be their go to food lately & with all the crankiness I have been giving in. The boys have eaten peanut butter crackers as meals this week & have blown through I don't know how many graham crackers not to mention ritz crackers & animal crackers. I've brought back some old veggies that they lost interest in a while ago & they are hits again. I kind of thought edamame would be good on their sore gums.

A warm mid-day bath helped some. (G,K,C)

Sleeping all night has been a challenge for the boys too. What is it about teething that makes them wake up over & over again through the night? I load them up with ibuprofen, Camilia , amber necklaces & extra pacifiers but they still wake up.

Garren looked to Eason for a little cozy time,
along with 2 bears & his lovie

As of Thursday both of Kellan's eye teeth had broke the surface. Caden had one break though & the other one was very close. Garren won't let me near his mouth so I have no idea what is happening there?

It's a good thing they are so cute!!!
Kellan working on some modeling poses, lol...

On a positive note, I have gotten A LOT of extra snuggle time with all three boys. It's hard not being able to hold each one of them right when they need it but they are starting to cuddle with each other too & there is nothing sweeter than your babies hugging each other!!!


  1. I feel your pain but have found that the eye teeth are the worst. My boys are now cutting the last 4 teeth (2 top and 2 bottom) all at the same time and while it is bad, it still isn't as bad as the eye teeth. Good news, it means you are almost done with the teething process! We use Hylands teething tablets too - 3 at a time because they are homeopathic and they have been the only thing we have found to help them. Check them out and see what you think. Hang in there!

    1. Good To know we are in the home stretch :)
      We used Hyland's when the boys were infants but they haven't work as well since they've gotten big. I do use another homeopathic remedy called Camilia & the boys wear amber which has worked well with all but these eye teeth. Camilia is a little pricey when it's not on sale so I usually save it for bedtime :)

  2. Poor sweeties! We are currently using Hyland's with Peyton as well. But I can see how it might not work on older kids. I haven't heard of amber necklaces. I may have to check that out. I didn't know about that before.

  3. I would imagine that getting canines has got to be the most painful teeth to break through, poor little guys. I was curious about your thoughts on amber necklaces? A good friend of mine has had her kiddos wear them for years. What are the benefits?



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