Monday, January 21, 2013

Eventful Ending to the Weekend

My Dad & Bonus Mom came up for the weekend. They were in Vegas during Donna's birthday & wanted to do a little belated celebrating with her.

We really didn't do much while they were here but we did go to Jekyll Island & walked around the historic district. It's not frequent that we have more adults than children around so we took advantage of the opportunity & let the boys walk holding our hands rather than ride in their choo choo wagon.

 Grandma & Kellan
(Mama & Caden way up ahead)
Mama, Caden, Grandma & Kellan
(I had Garren with me)
A few hours after my parents left Sunday, Kellan took a spill & whacked his head pretty hard on a wooden toy. He instantly developed a bright blue line straight across his forehead. It scared me so I headed to the ER with him while Donna stayed with Garren & Caden. By the time we got there & got seen, the blue line was gone & he just had a red mark across one side of his forehead. In hindsight I panicked & it was not serious. With 3 boys though, I'm think I'm entitled at least one panic every couple years.
They didn't keep us too long but Kellan was getting restless (it was way past bedtime now) So a nurse brought him a popsicle. It only helped for a minute, lol...

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