Monday, January 7, 2013

Door Knobs, Light Switches & Baby Gates...

Opening doors, turning the lights on & off & on & off & on... you get the point & reaching over the baby gates & unlatching them are all apart of the boys new bag of of tricks.

Kellan, Caden & Garren

Needless to say we've had to increase our baby proofing efforts, especially after the boys opened my dads front door & walked outside!!! Thank goodness Donna was outside vacuuming our van!!! We now have door knob covers on all the doors.

I try my best to not acknowledge the light switch obsession. I figure if I don't make a big deal out of it, they will get over the fascination quicker.

We now have the baby gates to the bedrooms & bathrooms installed about 4 inches off the floor so the boys can't reach over them. This works out pretty well for when they drop their toys over the gates too, now they can reach under & pull them back out :o) I'm pretty sure this is only buying a small amount of time though & we'll probably have to start keeping the doors closed or just let the boys roam.


  1. All of my light switches are pretty high so nobody can reach yet. However, they do slide something over to them if they really want it on/off. The girls also can't reach the doorknobs yet and If jack opens a door he yells Uhoh and runs to get me to point it out. Lol! We keep all the doors closed though (which I can't wait til they can all be open!)

    1. I thought our light switches were pretty high but Caden doesn't have any issue with standing on his top toes, Kellan has to put a little more effort into it & smarty pants Garren just drags something over to stand on, lol...
      I hated having all the doors closed so I got a couple of those cheap gates so we could open them up & let some light in. Just have to place them strategically now :o)
      The boys are very into opening & closing & opening & closing... That's what they do with all the closet doors & opening the front door really freaked me out!!!

  2. Sounds like you have your hands full! Good tip on the raised baby gates :)



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