Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!!!

I racked my brain this year trying to come up with a theme for the boys but not the more common triplet themes... 3 bears, 3 blind mice, 3 little pigs. I wanted a common theme just not one of the ones we would see over & over again the day after :) Not that they aren't totally awesome ideas! I just like to be unique :)

Thank you Aunt Pat & Rosemary, the boys loved dancing along with these fun little guys!!!

My first idea was awesome, but the costumes didn't come in small enough sizes for the boys, so maybe next year??? Wonder if I can get a deal on them now?! I moved on to other ideas, muppets, Winnie the Pooh characters, Star Trek & M&M's. I struck out on all those ideas, either they were out of stock of one or like Star Trek & M&M's, they only came in one color for toddler sizes :( Finally while I was checking out the clearance items I ran across a bunch of different animals, so we went with a Zoo theme.

Kellan as a Panda, Caden as a Lion & Garren as an Elephant
(his head peice was to tight)
I had been dying to get the boys in their costumes since the day they arrived. I held out until this past weekend. We put them on & switched them around depending on how they fit. They boys had fun playing in them. Garren especially loved petting his brothers.

We got these totally amazing treat bags from an awesome friend, check out her facebook & Etsy pages, Green Owl Bags!!! She makes the BEST market bags!!!

Trick or Treating didn't happen for us this year. I was incredibly bummed but all 5 of us have horrible colds & are now at the coughing uncontrolably phase which just gets worse at night :(

I ran out of steam to put faces on all the cookies, but a bit better than last years I think :)

I spent the morning making some fun treats & we took the boys out for an early dinner instead.
We didn't end up getting any Trick or Treaters either, so now I have a whole bag of candy to go along with the goodies I made. If your in the area & in need of more candy or cupcakes or cookies, stop by!!!


  1. Love the costumes, the boys looked adorable and kudos on making Halloween treats! I had every intention to bake this Halloween but ran out of time. Maybe next year. :)

    Happy Halloween!

  2. The BOO ZOO idea is fantastic! They all looked adorable. So sorry you all were sick and didn't get to take the guys Trick or Treating ( humm seems like you were sick last year also??). Well next year it is green tea time before the 31st! Can't wait to see them next year. Your treats look yummy. We didn't have that many kids this year either. Probably cuz it was the middle of the week. Thanks for sharing the pics. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all.
    Love ya Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro



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