Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby Steps...

At 14 months & 1 day {11 months 3 weeks adjusted age} Garren took his first steps!!!

We signed the lease to our new apartent yeaterday afternoon. My mom, Donna, the boys & I went to the unit with the leasing agent to do a walk through inspection, we put the boys down to crawl around & the agent asked if any of them were walking? I told het no but that Garren had been working hard at standing on his own. As I'm telling her this Garren pulls himself up on my leg, I turned him around to show her & he took 2 steps!!! This happened right after Donna & my mom walked outside to get some boxes :( Thankfully he did it again & again the rest of the evening & is now up to 6-8 steps.

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