Saturday, June 9, 2012

Homecoming Anniversarys

One year ago, on June 7th, Donna & I took our first born son home after 5 weeks & 5 days in the NICU.

 Caden Then & Now (couldn't get him to sit still)

Two days later on June 9th, We took Garren & Kellan home on their 6 week birthday.

Garren Then & Now

 Kellan Then & Now

 This is a pair of pajamas the boys wear now 
& a pair that they wore when they first came home that were actually too big for them then.

Happy Homecoming Anniversary Baby Boys, we are the luckiest moms in the world!!!


  1. Such a cute post! Happy Anniversary! :)

  2. Love this! I love comparing clothing to then and now. It is hard to remember them ever being that tiny isn't it! I kept a newborn diaper and pull it out now and again and have a hard time thinking that it was too big and they wore preemie diapers for several weeks before moving into the newborn ones. Love the posts and glad to hear that the move is going well so far.

  3. I also LOVE the picture comparing the PJs. It is amazing to think that they used to be that little. Do you miss that stage? Time for 3 more?! ;) ....kidding, of course!



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