Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Week in Orlando... {updated}

We just got home today from my Dads house. Donna had meetings for 3 days at the district office on Orlando so the boys & I tagged along to spend some time with my Dad & Marie & a few friends. It just so happened that my Dad was on vacation all week, so we all got some quality Grandpa time :)

 One last photo of the boys drinking bottles
C, K

 Playing on Grandpa
K, G, C

 A little fun in the sun
C, G, K

 C, K, G

We got in a few Choo Choo rides,
Kellan looks like he thinks he has to
pull the wagon back up that hill, lol...
K, G, C

A couple friends came by my Dads to see us. It's always good to see Karin & it is so nice to be able to see our dear friend Sandy now that she is Florida resident!!! 
We also spent a little time with Donna's best friend Cheryl who is moving back to St Louis at the end of this month :'( 

 Cheryl & Donna

The boys got to try lots of new foods this week too. My Dad & Marie have the perfect pantry for the ALL the grandkids & good leftovers in the fridge too which make perfect meals for 1 year olds :o) The boys had rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti & meatballs, black beans & rice with grilled chicken from Pollo Tropical & the had their first ever Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster along with grilled shrimp & broccoli. They also had graham crackers for the first time & LOVED them!!! We now take Teddy Grahams along everywhere we go :o)

We all had a lot of fun & luckily get to go back in July, Donna has another meeting which is being held near Disney. We are loving all the friend & family time we are getting being closer to home!!!

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  1. Just got caught up on the last month or so of your blog. They are SO big! I love it. :)



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