Thursday, June 28, 2012

14 Months...

It has been a busy, exciting & finally a long month.

The boys are still growing like crazy!!! Garren is up to 23 pounds, his growth isn't super obvious, he just seems a little taller. Kellan is up to 26 pounds. He seems bigger all around, his face & body have filled out & he is taller. Caden is up to 25 pounds, he seems so much longer & is starting to look more like a little boy & less like a baby. 

{G, K, C} the boys first shopping trip in buggies :o)

All three boys are little chatter boxes just chattering away at or to anyone or anything. They definitely have their own language & communicate with each other, even from another room. 
They love to play chase & to tickle each other. Garren & Kellan are big huggers, they crawl to each other & wrap their arms around whatever part of the other one they can get. 
Caden & Garren are big lovers of the moms. Caden wraps his arms around our necks & lays his head on our chests every time we pick him up. Garren has been very clingy & lovable lately, he just comes over, sticks his thunb in his mouth & lays his head on me wherever I'm at. 


{C, K/G} a fun day at the park swinging...




It is so funny how the boys personalities have changed in their short little lives. 
Garren was our quiet, content, barely knew he was there baby & now he is the biggest clown, shaking his head all over, dancing, making faces & babbling & the more his brothers laugh the crazier he acts. He's such a happy little guy, I never get tired of hearing him.
Kellan was our fussy, attention seeking baby & now he is the most independent one. He also loves to make his brothers laugh by playing peek a boo, chasing or tickling them.
Caden started out as the most outgoing baby, always flashing a smile, letting out a big coo & flirting with everyone. He is now Mr Bashful. He is the quietest, but coming along with his voice. He still flirts but it is from afar & only a half smile peering from behind something.

Crazy Garren!!!


fitting perfectly in their race track :o)

All 3 boys are also still teething... Kellan has been in a lot of pain the last couple days with swollen canines, he is still currently at 7 teeth, 4 top & 3 bottom. Caen currently has a 3rd bottom tooth cutting & isn't to aggravated by it. Garren only has 2 top & 2 bottom teeth but is a drooling machine. His biggest teething side effect is sucking his thumb, holding a "lovie" & laying his head on me. He previously only sucked his thumb while falling asleep & none of the boys have ever taken to a "lovie" (stuffed animal head with a miniature blanket body) It is so sweet to see him, but sad knowing he is hurting. While we were in Orlando, we hit up every Walgrrens we saw & bought all the Camilia they had. The stuff works wonders for restless teething babies & is holistic so we aren't doping them up all the time. It also has no belladonna which our pediatrician didn't seem to fond of in teething tablets.

swimming @ Grandma & Grandpa's

Garren resting after showing off his dance moves in the pool

front to back G, C, K

sharing a cup of Cheerios

The boys are cruising all around using walls, furniture, toys & our hands. They walk really well even if just holding on to one finger. 


 K, G, C

 loving playing in the balls!!!


Garren has been trying to stand on his own for quite a while now. Today I put him down after lunch & he stood there for a couple minutes. He even squats down & stands back up without falling. I predict he will be our first independent walker...
Caden is also standing for a few seconds at a time on his own. It is not as much of a conscious effort on his part, he just does it sometimes :)

Garren standing!!! :o)

We are looking forward to getting moved into our own place & getting settled over the next month & also many more adventures as we explore the new area we'll call home :o)


  1. I can't believe how much they weigh!! That's great. They are really growing up. It is funny to see a baby/child's personality change over the years. I still get surprised by Marley sometimes! Can't wait to see them again :)

    1. When is Marleys birthday party again? Since Donnas meeting got canceled & do to some family stuff we are heading to NY early. I thought since we won't make it to Orlando this month that maybe we would plan our trip next month so we can crash her party :o)

  2. They are absolutely adorable. Garren looks like such a little boy and not a baby in the swing pictures!
    They seem to play very well together. Can they come to my place and teach my girls to play nicely together too?!

    1. Thank you! They don't always play well, there is plenty of rough & tumble boy fighting ;)

  3. These little guys are hooked up! I love all their adorable toys and it looks like they're good at sharing. :)

    Happy 14 months K, C & G!

    1. They are mostly good at sharing ;) don't let "all" the toys deceive you. Some of those photos were taken at grandparents houses, who all have a toy box of their own for all the grandkids when they visit, so not all of it is ours, although it does take a lot of toys to keep 3 little guys entertained!!!



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