Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suddenly Today...

All of a sudden today ALL 3 of the boys discovered that they could walk around using the push toys... and that is exactly what they did all afternoon!!! It started out with one of them pushing a toy and another one crawling in front of him trying to join in. I then showed them 2 other push toys they could use and suddenly they were all walking all over the place, running into one another & falling all over the place. It was hysterical, I got each of them walking on video but was too busy pulling babies out from under each others' toys to get the demolition on video.


Caden is always aware he is being chased... He walks better than I thought he would. He hasn't shown any interest in standing on his own, so this was really unexpected today.


Funny enough, (since he was the last to crawl & pull up) Garren seems to be the best walker. He has the best pace & he has been working on standing without holding onto anything for a few days now.


Kellan either walks way too fast or leans too far forward, but he loves walking around!!! He will push around the toys from the front, back, side or even tipped over. He hoots & screeches while he's walking around very proud.

Donna is unsure of what we are going to do when the boys figure out how to walk without the toys. I think she is in a little bit of denial... she said tonight she just thought they would crawl forever. 

I actually think life will be a little easier when they walk, easier on my back anyways, I won't have to carry them one by one to & from everywhere I need them to go.

I love these baby boys & I can't believe they are about to be walkers!!!

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