Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Weekends = A Charm!!!

We stopped at my sister's in Jacksonville for lunch on our way home from Orlando on Sunday. This made 3 weekends in a row of seeing them & on this visit, my nephew Chandler finally warmed up & played with the boys. Chandler even went around unsolicited & hugged each of them <3

Chandler going in for a hug with Garren

Going in to Hug Kellan

I wish I could say these 2 (K&C) were hugging 
but they were actually fighting over a toy, lol...

Chandler watching Mickey Mouse on TV

 Caden loves a riding toy!!!

 Caden also won that fight with his brother
(with a little help from mom distracting K with another toy)

 Steven & Autumn

P.S. Happy Fathers Day to my Dads, My Uncles & My Brother-In-Laws!!! I hope you all had a terrific day :o)

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