Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aunt Meggan, Uncle Aaron, Clark & Tucker...

Wednesday my bonus sister Meggan, & her family paid the boys & I a visit before heading to the mountains. They arrived in NC for our family Christmas get together last friday (1/13) but we didn't really get to chat much with so much family & so many kids in one place :D So I was beyond thrilled when she text Tuesday night & asked if we had lunch plans!!!
Her boys, our nephews are 22 months & 3 years old. They are so loving, especially Tucker towards the boys, he always gives them kisses. He did this when we were all in FL in August too.
It was nice getting to visit. We use to see Meg & Aaron at most holidays when we still lived in FL. They live in the Pan Handle so we don't always get to see them when we do make it home to Orlando.
Well I'm rambling now, so here are a few pictures...

Aaron & Clar 
Caden & Aunt Meg
getting a little crawling encouragement 

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