Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cold & Flu Season SUCKS!!!

There was no better way to say it.

I thought we were doing so well, the boys made it to their 6 month check-up with out any "sick visits." Then just about a week later, the beginning of November, we were in TN & the boys all came down with a cold. It wasn't bad at all after we saw the pediatrician & she told us what to do for them & what to watch for as far as RSV which they are at high risk for due to their prematurity.

About a month later Donna came home from work sick & over the course of a week I got sick & then the boys did too :( We took the boys to see the doctor again since this wasn't just a "cold." We all managed to get over it just in time for Christmas but only after I took Garren in to be seen by the doctor a second time due to him having trouble breathing at night, he was fine, just hanging onto it a little longer than the other boys.

The week after Christmas the boys got a stomach bug, Kellan spiked a 103.3 fever & then developed a viral rash. I took Kellan to the pediatrician for the rash & fever, just a virus, so nothing to do for him.

Now just 2 weeks later, the boys all have horrible colds again!!! We took them to see their pediatrician yesterday, turns out Kellan & Garren have their very first ear infections :( Ear infections I guess can be a precursor to RSV so the doctor tested for that & it came back negative, thank God. Caden doesn't have an ear infection but he does have a nasty cold. We go back next week for a re-check & also for the boys 9 month check-ups. Can you believe they are going to be 9 months already?!?

Well, now we are going back to the RSV/premature baby guidelines for visitors.
  • Family members, caregivers & visitors must wash their hands with warm water and soap before touching the babies.
  • Avoid visiting the babies if you have a cold or fever or have been around someone with a cold or fever in the past 2 weeks.
  • Avoid exposing the babies to other children with cold symptoms.
  • Keep the babies away from crowded places.
  • Never smoke around the babies.

If you are unfamiliar with RSV & who is at risk click here.

Now for some photos of my little sicklies...

Garren, Caden & Kellan
Garren, Caden & Kellan, lounging in their pj's, watching the playoffs

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  1. Oh my! You have been a busy mommy-nurse! It stinks to be sick at the same time as the kids. It is hard for you to get rest and get better. My daughter had RSV as a baby. She was so sick and almost ended up in the hospital. She was full term so I can only imagine the risks to your boys! I applaud you for being so vigilant in your efforts to keep your boys well! There is so much sickness out there. It's probably good to hunker down till spring! Hang in there. This too shall pass. Soon it will be spring and you will have some really active boys! :)




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